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Outdoor Heaters Reinvented

Armita-X will launch a new generation of intelligent, eco-friendly, and efficient Outdoor climate controller for commercial and residential customers.

For years the outdoor heating industry has remained stagnant in technological advances and minimizing environmental damages.


Leaving us with the following problems to solve in outdoor heating:

  • intensive in manual labor

  • unequal heat distribution

  • excessive C02 emissions 

  • outdated technology 

  •  Extremely Wasteful, most of the heat produced being wasted as rises up and away!


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The Problem

Bringing Outdoor Heaters to Life

Armita-X will be the first to bridge the gap  between outdated mechanical devises, and modern, intelligent, energy-conscience devices. 

Patio heaters are stuck in the past with the lack of internet available to them. But you can't have internet without electricity, which current patio heaters don't have. 

Armita-X is the world's first to capture the excess heat and convert it into electricity and brings the internet into this  old school industry  resulting in:


  • Automation & Efficiency 

    • mobile apps for remote control/network​

    • smart on/off system, using proximity sensors

    • USB/outlets for consumers devices 

    • and many more... 


Benefits of Armita-X

Introducing electricity into the heating units, Armita-X is eliminating a lot of issues that have left current outdoor heaters in the past: 

  • Energy saving

    • Armita-X technology absorbs wasted heat and converts it into electricity which is stored into the batteries to operate the central processing system, wireless communications and fans. The fans would reuse the excess heat and direct it into another two heat outlets.

  • Cost saving

    • The mobile app allows users to control the units remotely,  including smart on/off and monitor its fuel levels - reducing manual labor.

  • Consumer friendly

    • Equal heat distribution​ with 3 different methods

    • Both heating and cooling options

    • Touchscreen panel and speakers for games, menus and more...

    • USB/Outlet ports for charging 


The Market

Ultimately, we envision Armita-X as a modular platform rather than a simple device. Based on needs addressed by customer discovery, we’ve already added the option to add lights, a touchscreen, and speakers, amongst others. Each Armita-X can be customized to match the particular needs of the end-user.

Armita-X not only solves the existing outdoor heater problems  also giving a birth to another brand new and huge market!  

 Each Armita-X commercial version will be an Stand-alone digital advertising device under  the Armita network. Basically advertisers will be able to target their audience anywhere in the public through Armita platform. 

The opportunity on the market for us is essentially a blue ocean. We are bringing a revolution to an industry that has only slowly evolved. We are targeting restaurants, hotels, and other commercial and residential users - currently, outdoor heaters available to the market require excessive manual labor at the cost of the owner.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic most restaurants and businesses are operating outdoors which has significantly increased demand for an innovative outdoor heater.


Meet the Team

Mehdi Doornadish - Founder and CEO

A serial inventor with strong knowledge in electronics, mechanics, and computer and robotics. The revolutionary Armita-X would not be born without Mehdi’s expert imagination and power to put ideas to action thoroughly. 

Dr. Firouz Naderi - Strategist & Advisor 

As a consultant, coach, and strategist with 30+ years of experience with managing major projects with Nasa, Dr. Naderi brings focus to aspects of the company and products to ensure thorough execution in pitching, marketing, production, and company management.


Farham Janesar - Production Manager

An entrepreneur, business owner, and innovator that has started numerous successful, long-term companies throughout his career. With his keen attitude and effective work ethic, Farham brings unique skills and knowledge to the team.


Kimia Janesar - Business Development 

With strong knowledge in business and sales, Kimia understands what it takes for a new company to profit and flourish. Her career has shaped her to best understand clients in a way that will maintain relationships, continue to grow diverse clientele, and how to best pitch the products to the appropriate target audience. 


Mallory Lovings - Marketing Strategist 

With expanding knowledge and education in marketing and writing, Mallory has skills to understand what captivates the viewers to make a desirable product. In addition to her communications education, Mallory has an abundance of experience in project and client management in the film industry, giving her patience and skills to work hard and calmly under high pressure.


Mani Arabi - Patent Attorney 

With an immense amount of experience in patent law, Mani brings important contributions and knowledge on the legalities of bringing a company to life. Furthermore, his previous experience in construction design and management as a LEED AP, he holds numerous quality control, management, construction safety, and environmental engineering certificates and licenses.

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Mani Arabi.jpg

For Business and Home Patios

Armita-X patio heaters help any business that must create a comfortable outdoor experience for its customers. Lower labor costs and reduced propane consumption will pay for the investment. At the same time, Armita-X’s comfort-driven intelligent design will enhance the customer experience.

For homeowners, Armita-X offers an eco-friendly way to keep friends and family warm when evenings turn cool. At the same time, smart features add the convenience people expect in their digital lives.

Whether for business or home use Armita-X will revolutionize the outdoor dining experience while reducing its carbon footprint.


Armita-X is a disruptive young and startup. If you're interested in partnering with us, or if you'd like updates for when you can get your Armita-X outdoor heater - please share your email below.

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